Wednesday, October 7

The all New "Logitech" Multi Device Keyboard

A wireless desk keyboard that will connect to your Computer, Tablet and smartphone

There was a time when hardware keyboards dominated the smartphone landscape, but in recent years they’ve been all but pushed out of contention. But this in not the end, as the time is changing the keyboard has changed itself too with changing needs. Everything is going smart so here it is the smart Keyboards that will connect to the three devices like Mac, Tablet and phone simultaneously.

Features of Logitech K480
All in One 
Its a all in one Hero as said Before it connects to almost all gadgets and supports Windows(Windows7, 8, 10), Mac (Mac OS X or later ) or Chrome computers and Android (Android 3.2 or later)  

Easy Switching
The switching between the connected devices are also very easy. Just turn the Easy-Switch dial to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices.


Type in comfort
  The integrated cradle at the top portion holds your phone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type. Islant type keyboard also adds to the comfort and easiness of typing.  

The keyboard is available in two color variant i.e BLACK and WHITE. Has a battery life of two yaers and Bluetooth range up to 30 feet or 10m.
K480 thickness 0.79 inches 

Technical Specifications

K480 dimensions 11.77 inches by 7.68 inches
System Requirements
  •         PC: Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  •         Mac: Mac OS X® or later
  •         Chrome OS™
  •         iPad® or iPhone®: iOS 5 or later
  •         Android™ tablet or smartphone: Android 3.2 or later.

    Internet connection (for optional software download) Online K480 Immersion Guide, view here.

Warranty Information
2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty 
Package Contents
  •         Keyboard
  •         2 AAA batteries (pre-installed)
  •         User documentation


    Height: 7.68 in (195 mm)
    Width: 11.77 in (299 mm)
    Depth: 0.79 in (20 mm)
    Weight: 820 g (1.81 pounds)

Technical Specifications

        Available in white and black.
        Bluetooth range: up to 10 m (30 ft)*
        Battery life: 2 years**
        On/Off power switch
        Battery life indicator light

    * Wireless range may vary due to environmental and computing conditions.
    ** Battery life calculation based on an estimated two million keystrokes/year in an office environment. 


Saturday, April 20

FACEBOOK HACKING..!! one of the most growing scams on internet.

I have seen many People Seeking Facebook Hack..What do You Think Does it really worth it or NOT.

You must have come along many websites and applications guaranteeing Facebook hack.. BUT put this in mind that Facebook is not a cockamamie. It has a Responsiblity of all the data and personal info of ONE Billions of people till Date

So what these Things are: 
These may be scams, virus,Trojans, spyware 
One misapplication and You are finished

/!\ There is NO Facebook Hacking Software, no Site that can hack or crack Facebook. /!\

So ? what's the truth then ? There are no magical techniques

Saturday, March 9

World Most Talented Hackers

Taking the discussion to world most talented, famous and infamous Hackers of the world. The invention of the computer brought much good and innovation; however, there are always those that like to go against the grain – cue the computer hacker! Below is a list of some of the most notorious computer hacks and hackers in history; men that have used the power of the computer to wreak havoc in one way or another.

You must be excited to know who are they .. So here we begin.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, 40, accused of mounting the largest ever hack of United States government computer networks -- including Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA systems The court has recommended that McKinnon be extradited to the United States to face charges of illegally accessing 97 computers, causing US$700,000 (400,000 pounds; euro 588,000) in damage.

Friday, August 17

Track your Email or Schedule it !! Using RightInbox

Right Inbox

What is it ?

It is simply an Firefox and chrome addon available in rightInbox website for Gmail Users. In past days, RightInbox does just one thing that is, sending emails on your own schedule. You can use it to schedule when you desire to send an email even down to the minute and then just forget about that mail. Yes! It’s undoubtedly that much easy and painless.

But its not just scheduling the sending of your emails, now RightInbox enables you to follow the up to the minute information about, at what time your email is being opened by the receiver of your email.  It incorporates so efficiently and smoothly that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to remember that it’s not just a built-in feature.

Monday, July 30

Gesture Recognition App for PCs


Its very cool to use this !!

Flutter uses webcam in PCs to recognition gestures of users of users as a form of control

Raise your hand and pause the world . OK, we will just begin with music or movie.

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