Tuesday, November 15

10 Cool Facebook Status

1. HOW TO: Add a Dislike Option to Your Status Update
"Like" buttons are everywhere on Facebook, and they're everywhere on the web. But what if you want to update your status or share something that your friends can "dislike?" We know, your friends can choose to "comment" on your post, but where's the fun in that?
The clever Status Magic Facebook app can add a dislike button to any status updates posted via the app. And if you wanted to really mix it up you can actually customize the second emotion to anything, such as "love," "hate," "disagree" or even "LOLs."

2. HOW TO: Hide Status Updates From Certain People
Using Facebook's general privacy settings (find these by hitting "account" on the top right of a Facebook page) you can select whether everyone, just friends or friends of friends can see your status updates. However, there is a way to narrow those options down even further.
You can select specific friend lists to see your status (relevant for work, special interest groups, etc.) or even individual people by name, which is useful for anyone organizing a surprise party.
To take advantage of these options, click the padlock icon just below your "what's on your mind" box on your wall and a drop down menu should appear. Selecting "customize" will bring up more options such as "make this visible to" and "hide from" with the option to make your selection a default.

3. HOW TO: Pre-Schedule Status Updates
While SocialOomph, Sendible and HootSuite offer the same kind of service, the simplest way to schedule Facebook status updates is by using the easy, free Later Bro service.
Just sign in with Facebook Connect, select your time zone, type in what it is you'd like to say, set the calendar and clock to when you'd like to say it, and presto!

Friday, November 11

11.11.11 Is Just Another Day! Period

The 11.11.11 date is upon us and we are on the verge of a great illumination or “shift in consciousness”. Or Not! The date is an interesting observation, but that’s about it!

Seen this before, right? No?
Numerologists, psychics, metaphysicists (I don’t even know if that is really a proper profession or not), occultists and other people with no lives to call their own are going head-over-heels proclaiming today as the day of the enlightenment. Apparently, while we are simply sitting at home, or getting yelled at by our bosses at office (who yells at these bosses?), there is going to be a “harmonic convergence” and a (for the second time!) paradigm “shift in consciousness”. Why? Because an inevitable date occurred and the digits looked interesting given a particular, arbitrarily chosen, calendar that we happen to follow.

The Magic of the Day and the Charlatans!

Many people are busy proclaiming the uniqueness of the date – it happens once in a lifetime. I’ll give you more – it happens once every century!! How many dates (calendar dates!) have you seen repeating themselves? Heard of anyone

Thursday, November 10

Prevent Facebook from Automatically Tagging You In Photos

facebook prevent tagging photos Prevent Facebook from Automatically Tagging You In PhotosThough facebook introduced automatically tagging photos, the feature is bothersome for some. Though the face recognition feature introduced by Facebook does sound cool and useful it can get very annoying for many when they get tagged a lot.To prevent  Facebook automatically tagging you in photos all you have to do is edit a few settings in your Facebook Account. It doesn’t require any special plugin for your browser or anything. So without going on about the new feature let’s begin the tutorial.
Capture2 560x301 Prevent Facebook from Automatically Tagging You In Photos
Just follow these simple steps to prevent Facebook from tagging you Automatically:
  • Click on Account drop down menu and then select Privacy Settings.
  • Now scroll down and click on Customize Settings. Scroll to the Things Others Sharesection and click Edit Settings near Suggest photos of me to friends. Now a dialogue box will appear as in the picture above. Just click on the drop down arrow near Enabled and change it to disabled.
  • That’s it. Now photos of you won’t be automatically tagged.
If you ever feel like re-enabling this option just follow the same tutorial and change the Disabled to Enabled again. For more such helpful tips subscribe to the Computing UnleashedRSS Feed.

Watch Hindi and English Movies For Free on Youtube

Youtube is now turning towards Pay-per view basis for movies, that would allow the users towatch Hindi and English Movies after paying a small fee. But youtube has now put up some of the bollywood and hollywood movies in HD quality, which you can watch for free of cost.
hindi movies on youtube free Watch Hindi and English Movies For Free on Youtube
Yes thats right you can now watch some of the Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD quality for free in Youtube. The movies coming under these channels can be watched legally without shedding out any money.
Though the movies are free, you will be shown advertisements before the movie gets played.

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Wednesday, November 9

10 Blogs I Read Every Day « Brad Lomenick

10 Blogs I Read Every Day « Brad Lomenick: "1. Michael Hyatt
2. Seth Godin
3. Mashable
4. Fast Company
5. Perry Noble
6. TechCrunch
7. Pete Wilson
8. TED
9. Catalyst
10. Swerve
THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY BLOGS I READ EVERY DAY. I read way more than 10 a day, but only including these 10 this time. Just to clarify.
Also, wanted to mention a couple of blogs I would love to read every day but unfortunately they don’t currently exist:
- Andy Stanley blog…. come on Andy!!! It’s time!
- Bill Hybels blog…. come on Bill!!!
- Tim Keller blog….
- Jim Collins blog…. yes, please."

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