Friday, August 17

Track your Email or Schedule it !! Using RightInbox

Right Inbox

What is it ?

It is simply an Firefox and chrome addon available in rightInbox website for Gmail Users. In past days, RightInbox does just one thing that is, sending emails on your own schedule. You can use it to schedule when you desire to send an email even down to the minute and then just forget about that mail. Yes! It’s undoubtedly that much easy and painless.

But its not just scheduling the sending of your emails, now RightInbox enables you to follow the up to the minute information about, at what time your email is being opened by the receiver of your email.  It incorporates so efficiently and smoothly that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to remember that it’s not just a built-in feature.

Monday, July 30

Gesture Recognition App for PCs


Its very cool to use this !!

Flutter uses webcam in PCs to recognition gestures of users of users as a form of control

Raise your hand and pause the world . OK, we will just begin with music or movie.

Saturday, June 23

The most discriminating Viruses of world wide web the www

" VIRUS !!"

I challenge, you have heard this word more than thousands time. And if you are a beginner you might be feared of it. let talk a little more about it...

history says that the first virus ever detected was "creeper virus" in early 1970's. A computer infected by creeper virus display a message "i'm a creeper catch me if you can".

One more thing, the names of virus are really cool have a look:

CREEPER: it was detected on ARPANET. At BBN technologies it infected DEC PD P-10 computers running on TENEX os.

Saturday, May 19

Create a hidden volume with TrueCrypt. See How

Today I'm going to show you how to create an encrypted hidden container volume using Truecrypt. 

What is a hidden volume?

Lets say that you have some very sensitive files that is encrypted on your computer and someone (roommate, government, someone with a gun) wants to look at those files. However, you do not want to release those files but instead show them a different set of files that are similar (or fake). You then can release a different password to them that will only show them the other non-sensitive files keeping the real files safe from exposure. 

Saturday, May 12

Are You Serious about your health ft.the all new BASIS b1 BAND(All In One Gadget)

Latest technology is defining fitness in new and different way. Here is one of them BASIS which will help you live fresh and fit.

If you like nos. then you must use this wrist band.

This gadget has been awarded best innovation design and engineering in international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas.
It is perfectly like a wrist watch.

Check it out . You are definitely going to get impressed with it ...

Thursday, March 8


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Most of you use torrents for downloading MOVIES etc. But it eats yours surfing speed and make it irritating. So use this method to download in cafes and schools  and access it remotely


Step 1

Install  utorrent  in the PC

Step 2 [remote access][optional]

This step is optional but useful. If you want to access the client from remote.

On uTorrent interface GoTo>preferences>remote  AND setup an remote access id and pass.
And whenever you want to access it, from another Pc open and enter your id and pass

Step 3

Open uTorrent interface and GoTo >preferences>General and  Uncheck the   “start Utorrent when windows starts”  option     

Step 4

Copy the installation folder [uTorrent] to any other non-attended location [ex. %systemroot%]   .

Monday, March 5

Downloading torrent files/content directly from IDM or any other download manager

If you ever wondered of downloading Torrent files directly from idm ??

for the reason because might download managers go better for you than bitorrent clients or torrent has been blocked on your network

SO its possible now ...
Two ways are being mentioned.Follow the three easy steps

First  [A]   Download the .torrent file or copy the download address of .torrent file

Some torrent related websites : 

         [B]   If you already have .torrent file and cannot get the link.Then just go to the website and upload the torrent file and get the link

Second   Go to website [A] or[B] [C] more websites

Third  [A] On you can upload the .torrent file or paste the link copied in first step. Hit the go button---wait for caching torrent content--- download

          [B] On you have to create an account there(in case you don’t have) and login to your account. Then paste the address of the new torrent obtained in step first  and click on Get button


Friday, February 24

Best Look for Desktop Compositions Using Omnimo Desktop Compositions Using Omnimo

Thanks to the powerful "Rainmeter" desktop customization platform, Omnimo theme suite will convert your desktop into a productive and attractive work area with elegant eye-candy, delivering only the information you need. Every interactive tile gives you various information/settings at a glance, and can be easily customized to your needs.

There is some exciting stuff for you. Based on the popular desktop customization platform "Rainmeter" "Omnimo" is not just a theme, but a complete super cool looking Windows 8 Metro UI inspired multifunctional interactive desktop - complete with tons of plugins and customizations options.

This is not something you would like to skip without giving a try, download links with some more awesome desktop composition screenshots after the jump.

Few More Awesome Desktop Compositions Using Omnimo

Saturday, February 18

What is Dark Internet, How to Access Onion Domains and Configure Hosting for the Dark Web

Internet beyond what you can normally ’see’?!!!! 

It is estimated that the Dark Web is several orders of magnitude larger than the surface of the Web or what you surf. Just what is it? And how can you access it? so easily ......

1.   [ .onion domains ] tor project

There are so many ways to browse .onion links

best way is tor project . 

After you have installed tor u can access dark-internet such as hidden wiki
(which tells you a little about this realm), setup hosting with freedom hosting, create a blog at blog.masked or visit the Tor directory to see what other services are available.

There are no laws here and you are free to publish anything

hosting pages on tje tor network is 100% anonymous,
You can configure hidden services for tor by clicking setup, then services and clicking the add (+) (see diagram below). Simply run your favourite server, whether this is Apache, IIS or whatever then on this menu screen point Tor at localhost / (in this case we are using it for http / web so we choose port 80). Tor will automatically generate the hash string which you may give out to others to access your server through – although they will have no way of identifying you.

                         Learn more on    wiki

    2.   I2P2 Network and .i2p Domains

Thursday, January 12

PDF to Word Free : high quality PDF to DOC conversion

I have looked at a number of free PDF to DOC/RTF conversion. BUT according to my view it is the best till my knowledge. The pdftoword

I used this service to convert a number of documents that contain a number of elements: images, tables, hyperlinks, bullets, numbered-lists, and various text formatting. Here are more notes on this service.

 You might like to know more before you use it..

  1. ITS FREE !!
  2. Max uploadable file size: is 10 MB
  3. Performance is very fast.
  4. Read the  Privacy policy here
  5. Image handling is really excellent
Best thing about this that it is totally browser based.
 It lets you upload PDF files through a web interface and will then send the converted file via email as an attachment.
web address :

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