Saturday, May 19

Create a hidden volume with TrueCrypt. See How

Today I'm going to show you how to create an encrypted hidden container volume using Truecrypt. 

What is a hidden volume?

Lets say that you have some very sensitive files that is encrypted on your computer and someone (roommate, government, someone with a gun) wants to look at those files. However, you do not want to release those files but instead show them a different set of files that are similar (or fake). You then can release a different password to them that will only show them the other non-sensitive files keeping the real files safe from exposure. 

Saturday, May 12

Are You Serious about your health ft.the all new BASIS b1 BAND(All In One Gadget)

Latest technology is defining fitness in new and different way. Here is one of them BASIS which will help you live fresh and fit.

If you like nos. then you must use this wrist band.

This gadget has been awarded best innovation design and engineering in international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas.
It is perfectly like a wrist watch.

Check it out . You are definitely going to get impressed with it ...

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