Wednesday, November 9

10 Blogs I Read Every Day « Brad Lomenick

10 Blogs I Read Every Day « Brad Lomenick: "1. Michael Hyatt
2. Seth Godin
3. Mashable
4. Fast Company
5. Perry Noble
6. TechCrunch
7. Pete Wilson
8. TED
9. Catalyst
10. Swerve
THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY BLOGS I READ EVERY DAY. I read way more than 10 a day, but only including these 10 this time. Just to clarify.
Also, wanted to mention a couple of blogs I would love to read every day but unfortunately they don’t currently exist:
- Andy Stanley blog…. come on Andy!!! It’s time!
- Bill Hybels blog…. come on Bill!!!
- Tim Keller blog….
- Jim Collins blog…. yes, please."

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