Thursday, December 15

How to connect to your computer from remote location

To enable this feature, you need to login to your host computer as an administrator.After logging in to your host computer, some configurations needs to be changed.

Click on "Start

Right click on “Computer“–>Properties->Remote settings

Retrieve the IP address of the host computer. To get the IP address of the host computer, go to the command prompt and type “ipconfig/all“.

Now you are all set to connect from your client location.
From any client computer, press Windows+R. In the RUN section, type “mstsc“.
Click on the “Options” to enlarge the properties.
In the “Computer” section, provide your Host IP address. Provide “User name” of the host computer.You will be asked for password later. If the login credentials are correct, then you will be successful to connect to your host computer.


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